Friday, November 30, 2007

Major Indoor Soccer Rules

I never seen so many changes inthe rules, 41 pages, just click the topic header to get directed to the pdf of all of the MAjor League Soccer Rules.

It is always good to keep up to date on all rules of the game

Letter From the MAyor of Citrus Heights

Well I said I would keep everyone updated on things.

The Letter came today from the Mayor and the boys at SJHS should each have a copy before they leave school today.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Follow Up to the Letters that were sent

Ok so I posted that I wrote to the Mayor of our city and the Gov of our State and the PRESident of the USA.

Today(11/28/07) the Boys received the Letter from the Gov! Thank YOU!

We are still waiting for the MAyor of our City to contact us.

The News Channels should be ashamed of themselves, since we are the communiity.

I will post more if and when I get any more letters or phone calls.

Letter From the Gov

WTG BOYS! Here is the Letter and each one of you should have a copy, It was left in the front office of the school on 11/28/07 at 1240 PM.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

san juan high school stamp

Movie Survey..take a rest from reading about SOCCER

San Juan Booster Club website

Please feel free to visit this site and see if there is anything you can help us out with.
Any suggestions please feel free to email the email address on the website.

Cal Rush Tourney 11/24/07

The games today were fun to watch since I have not been to a game in several weeks.
the pictures have been uploaded to


Also new items are at my online store.*

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Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.

Ref's and training

In all fairness most games are called fairly, however every now and then you get a REF who either has issues with a coach or the team is one of his family favs or his son or daughter played on the team and the coach is his friend, (you get the meaning)
So then the game is not called fairly, as in the game today on field 2 at Cherry Island. The Ref would warn the green team and talk to them however for the same exact thing he would yellow card the other team.
That is not how a REF should call a game, if he cannot call it fairly then maybe he should be removed from the CENTER..
The green team kicked the ball out of bounds and almost to the snack bar and the REF said green team do not go get that ball and he took the ball from the goalie from the yellow team so the very next kick the goalie from that other team had to go and chase that ball since the REF told the green team not to go and get the ball that they kicked out.. (not making since, so who was going to get that ball? we did after a few mins, however the REF should have never of did that, since the yellow team had to chase every ball that was kicked out and the REF never told them not to go and get it like he did the green team)
Then in the middle of a good play(ball going good and moving down the line, yellow team has the advantage) the REF blows his whistle and yells at two boys that did not even have the ball or was even in the line of play? Then he took the advantage away from the YELLOW team and made them do a drop ball?
This game was not called fairly, however it is to late now and thanks to the REF who took the greens side the BOYS were almost at blows with each other... the Green teams COACH refused to shake the yellow teams hands and once again due to a POOR CENTER REF a game was not called fairly....
It makes you wonder if the game was called fairly would the green team of had the advantage? I do not think so.
The Ref was critized by both sides for his not being fair to both teams and that he did a poor job and should be ashamed of himself, he said THANK you and kept walking,
it was also getting dark so in all fairness to all players the game should of not be played on unless there were lights...
At this point it really does not matter who won or not that is not what this posting is about..
REf's are trained and recertified each year and the Ref Coordinators are at each game and are supposed to be watching the REF's as the Center to see what more training they need.
Each game is different and has to be called consistnatly.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

A Day For giving Thanks

Well, It is Thanksgiving or turkey day as many of the young ones call it. However are we teaching our children what this day really means or have we foretten ourselves what this day means?

It is not about football or parades or who can cook the biggest meal.

It is about FAMILY and the many Blessing we have been given and should be THANKFUL for them.

Please on this day remember the LESS Fortunate and if you can go to a shelter and help serve the meals or help pass out blankets.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

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Letters have been Sent

Well I am still on my crusade to get the San Juan High School Boys Soccer Team some kind of recognition for making history for their school.

I will know in a few weeks if they will be getting a letter from the Gov and the Mayor of Citrus Heights...

I will not stop until they get some kind of Thank you for making history.

Come on if we can take time to mention people who make the loudest whistle sound and food eating contests, cant we atleast mention REAL HISTORY MAKING EVENTS????

Still does not make any sense to me and it will never make any sense to me I guess however I have faith that all of my efforts will pay off and once again I will keep everyone updated here on this blog and I am not stopping until I see the team get what I think they should..

Monday, November 19, 2007

Season Stats for Fair Oaks Flash U19

2007 Flash Stats Summary for "THAT CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON"
Through: November 18, 2007 -

Season Stats: Keeper Brian Cain and his defensive core earned 10 shut-outs in 24 games and have given up just 25 goals for an average of just 1 goal per game, while the offense has scored 76 goals for a 3.15 goal average per game! The Flash record to date is 16 wins, 4 losses and 4 ties, and they finished as Division Champions for 2007 with a 7-2-1 Metro League record for their third Metro League Division Championship in the last six seasons!

Offensive Goal Leaders are: Kevin Omand has 20, Blair Wallingford has 14, Justin Reyes has 12, Anthony Espinosa has 8, Ryan Wallace has 7, and Bobby Shanahan and Devin Colyer have 5 with Brian Cain, Sean Bethem, Josh Moore and Jeremy Robbins at 2 goals each.

Offensive Assist Leaders are: Kevin Omand, and Justin Reyes share the lead with 9 assists each, Sean Bethem, Devin Colyer and Blair Wallingford have 7 a piece, and Mark Stenson and Bobby Shanahan have 5 each, followed by Ryan Wallace, Cameron Zacher and Devin Colyer with 4 assists each.

Defensive Save Leaders are: Brian Cain has 101 saves as goal keeper in his 23 games with an average of 4.4 saves per game and his on-field teammates, Shayan Vaghefi has 24, Jeremy Robbins has 16, Matt Bregar has 14, followed by Mark Stenson with 12; Bryan Swartout, Anthony Espinoza and Sean Bethem each have 10 a piece followed by Bobby Shanahan with 6 and Josh Moore with 4 saves.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Congrats! to Fair Oaks Flash U19 Boys

This is how we do it!

I must say I am very proud of the team for playing well today to take the title!

I am sorry I missed the game however I will be there next year.

So you see folks SOCCER is all year LONG!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Christmas Survey

Monday, November 12, 2007

Still no response from Bryan from channel 10 news

Well I guess I will not be getting a response from them(channel 10 news) however that is ok I still have the email he sent to me explaining on why they could not mention San Juan Soccer making history on their station..(excuses, excuses)

However I am doing other things to make sure that soccer team and all other teams get noticed.

It is not fair not to mention all high school sports on the news it only take less then 30 seconds to mention teams.. I am not asking for a HIGHLIGHT SHOW like they do with high school football....(makes ya think huh?)

So as you can see there is a banner floating all over the internet and also on blogs.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Their Banner


Saturday, November 10, 2007

football Survey...

Friday, November 9, 2007

I emailed Bryan and Ryan of Channel 10 News

Ok I emailed channel 10 news asking them to mention that SJHS made history and since they highlight football they should also highlight soccer games..

I did recieve a reply back , however I cant post it here until I get Bryan's permission.. I did inform him that he could come here a make a comment on why this can't be we will wait a see. I also asked his permission to post his response...waiting on that also..

The way I see it is if your going to mention or take time out to highlight one high school sport then be fair and do it for all the sports or do not do it at ALL.

I am on a mission to make sure that these boys get acknowledged for this...My GOODNESS they made HISTORY!

I am also waiting on the other local stations to reply back... also the Mayor of Citrus Heights...

I will keep everyone updated.. however I will not post any responses unless I have permission of the person who is responding. That is only fair.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tshirts Anyone?

I have spent the last several years creating soccer shirts and mugs that surround soccer and the teams that my son plays on.

A memory keepsake for all of the team players.

Please take a look, this is just one of the online stores that I have.

The other store is*

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To the Spartans's

It is a big day for you today you are traveling to Waterford to play a team that is undefeated. Nerves are allowed to be there and also tension,. However please remember you are a team that has come very far and your friends and family are very proud of you regardless of the outcome of the game today.
You have brought this soccer team to new heights that they have never been to before! Hold the heads up and smile and be proud for the things your team has done this year.
Remember you play soccer with your heart and soul and you love the game, winning and losing is something we all do in our lifes and we learn and grow from it. We can't always win, however you are all WINNERS for stepping up to the plate and stepping onto the field.
You are a TEAM and you have learned to play as a TEAM and that is AWESOME!
Your team made History for San Juan High School Sports.
I as a parent, Thank you all for showing me joy and happiness with each time I see you play, to see the devotion and dedication at each game.
Once again! Congrats! for making History!

stats for SJHS SPARTANS.........from maxprep

San Juan Spartans Fall 07-08
Boys Varsity Soccer

Field Stats Goals Assists Points Shots Steals
Justin Reyes 16 10 42 42 10
Curtis Day 12 7 31 44 15
Val Topalu 9 3 21 33 10
Kelvin Paz 5 8 18 24 13
Brian Cain 4 7 15 7 8
Alan Plata 2 4 8 14
Javier Velazquez 2 1 5 16 13
Andre Kinda 1 2 1 15
Mike Westerlund 32
Monroe Scrivner 4 4 21 29
Juan Toledo 4
Igor Pishtoy 4 41
Tyler Cressy-parks 3 22
Geo Castaneda 9
Ilya Manzyuk 11
Logan Day 36
Eugene Gayryush 3 7
Mansoor Wahab 3 7
Team Season Totals: 52 40 144 212 297

Goaltending Stats Min GAA Goals
Allowed Saves Shut
Jack Paulino 70 5.714 5 5
Tyler Cressy-parks 295 5.153 19 29 1
Eugene Gayryush 160 2.500 5 23
Brian Cain 575 1.530 11 70 1
Team Season Totals: 1100 2.909 40 127 2

- -

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Semifinal game is in WATERFORD 11/08/07

Congratulations to the boys soccer team for making San Juan history. They are the first San Juan High School Boys Soccer team to ever win a playoff game! They did so by beating Victory Christian 4 to 2 in a penalty kicks shootout after playing them to a 1 to 1 tie after two overtimes.

*Semifinal game is at Waterford HS (12 miles east of Modesto) at 3:00 on Thursday (November 8th). Early dismissal time is at the end of lunch. Bus leaves at 11:45.

Soccer Items for sale

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San Juan High School Boys Soccer Team WINS

On 11/6/07 the first playoff game was played at San Juan high School in Citrus Heights Ca.

SJHS against Lindenhurst.

The game was played very well, until the last second of overtime that was PK kicks.
It was an exciting game and the boys played well even if they did not have all of their teammates with them, however they played with heart and soul and WON!

Congrats to SJHS Boys Soccer Team for the second year in a row!




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