Wednesday, October 15, 2008

we are in the TOP 100 Schools for SOCIALVIBE

Your school is in the Top 100 of SocialVibe’s High Schoolers Gone Good contest. You only have ONE MONTH left until the contest ends on November 15. At this point, it is anyone’s game. It’s up to you to give YOUR school a push and get all your classmates to sign up for SocialVibe.

It's simple, easy and free. Here’s how it works.

1. Get other students at your school to go to and Sign Up.
2. Add your High School to their networks.
3. Choose a Sponsor to benefit the Cause of your choice, and add your badge to your social networks.

Don’t forget – we are also awarding prizes to the Top 10 High Schools, as well as 5 other participating High Schools (which will be chosen at random).

Need ideas on spreading the word? Here are a few:

1. Print out flyers and pass them out on campus.
2. Talk to your teachers, staff and administrators.
3. Bring information to club meetings at your school.
4. Set up a booth and pass out information.
5. Post bulletins on MySpace using the Invite A Friend link on your Dashboard.

We will be awarding 150 points to any member who sends in pictures and/or video of you and your friends promoting SocialVibe to You never know, it just may wind up on our blog, The Vibe!

May the best school win!

The SocialVibe Team

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When a Ref needs to be removed from a game

I am on both sides here, it is hard for me to say that a Ref is wrong, however when disrespect comes into play, I must speak up.

When it comes in to the point it is interfering with the flow of the game and also teaching the children playing the game that even though they follow the rules it really does not matter since this man in this Ref shirt says i was wrong or that my coach is wrong.

That is not correct or even in the training for the ref's at all.

We are going to refer to the game played at SJHS on 10/06/08, the ref made a call that was not a legal call and the coach asked him what did he call and when he said what he called the coach said that is not a foul that is legal and then left it alone, at that time the REF yells who are you? and the coach replied back I am an asst Coach and the Ref yells back YEAH RIGHT and so the other coach say to the ref that is not the way you talk to a coach and you do not have to be disrespectful and then the REF stops the game comes over and acts like a total A&& he moved the coaches down the field and when he was told he was being disrespectful he said he can do what he wants he runs this game...

When a Ref thinks like this it is time to move him off from being the center ref, if he came in with a problem with the team or any of the coaches he either needs to call the ref scheduler or leave his problems at the gate.

District 6 needs to make sure they are sending Ref's out that can call a fair game. and that is all that matters is that the game is called fairly.

Most of the Ref's are Wonderful and really good with the boys and the coaches, however we do have the select few that try to ruin the game for everyone.

If I can report the games and the plays fairly and take pictures of all teams, then i am sure the Ref's can also do the same thing after all they are PAID to be here, I am Not PAID in anyway for my TIME I DEVOTE to the soccer teams.