Friday, August 22, 2008

Calling on all San Juan High School MOMS

Plese come and join Cafemoms and then join the san juan high school group!

if we win the challenge of having 20 moms in our group by the deadline then we get 100.00 donated to our school!

How do we get $100 for our kids' school?

CafeMom School Groups with 20 or more participating moms by 9/30/08 will get $100 for supplies, activities or whatever your group decides the kids need most.

To become part of a school group, a mom:

Has to have a CafeMom account with a valid email address, and
Joins the CafeMom school group that her kid(s) attend using that valid CafeMom account
To be considered a "participating" mom, a mom has to do one of the following by 9/30/08:

Add a new post to the school group
Reply to an existing post on the school group
Invite another mom to join the school group using the CafeMom invite tool

Which groups are eligible to get the $100?

The $100 promotion is open to all CafeMom School Groups, which include all K-12 schools in the U.S.:

Each school is eligible for one $100 offer.
Moms who join a school group but do not have kids at the school are not counted towards the 20 participating moms. A mom is allowed to join multiple school groups if she has kids in multiple schools
Homeschooling groups are not eligible, nor are any groups created for Pre-K/Nursery schools, or colleges.
Only school groups set up by CafeMom are eligible to get the $100. If you can't find the group for your kid's school, please contact us.

CafeMom reserves the right to confirm eligibility. We want to foster a positive, practical and helpful place for moms to connect and discuss school issues and concerns. Only school groups that fully abide by the CafeMom Community Guidelines and Rules of Conduct will be rewarded with the $100.

Does our group have to let CafeMom know when we reach 20 participating moms?

Nope. We will check automatically for you and we'll notify your group that you've qualified.

When does our group find out if we qualify for the $100?

We will notify all qualifying groups by adding a post to each qualifying group by 10/31/08.

When and how does our group receive the $100?

We'll send the $100 check to the group owner by 11/30/08. The group owner will be responsible for spending the money according to the wishes of the group. We will include more details in our post to the group when your group qualifies.

Who decides how to spend the $100?

The whole group should be involved in the decision-making process. We recommend having a discussion about it through a group post or group poll. The group owner will be responsible for spending the $100 according to the group's wishes.

There are lots of possibilities for spending the $100 for your kids' school, but here are a few suggestions:

Books for the library
Computer lab supplies
Playground balls and equipment
Fieldtrip or pizza party
Pens, notebooks, and other supplies
Whatever the kids need most!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunrise United Takes 1st Place inYuba City

Well I can say great job to all of the teams that played in this tournament this past weekend.
However, Congratulations to all of the boys on Sunrise United for taking 1st place in the U-19 Division, it was not an easy victory, the last two teams were there to win and they were also very aggressive to the point that it should not have been allowed, however soon the Center Ref got control of the game back once again.

I am so proud of ALL of the BOYS that came to play as a team and not be a one man team, Sunrise United Came together as a whole team and we are all very proud of them.